ICR is a leading company in Europe in producing car refinish products, putties, primers and clear coats. Has recently developed a new specific range of spot repair products hardening through UV rays.
Uv line, Putties, Special putties, Primers and surfacers, Clearcoats, Hardeners for polyesters, Hardeners for fillers and clear coats, Additives, Thinners, Hand cleaners, Auxiliary products, Protectors and sealers, Plastic


Complete range of coatings, enamels and pirmers for Insustry commercial vehicles, platic and fiberglass vesseles.
General industry and truck, Plastic coatings


ICR has developed a complete range of chemical products for fiberglass boats: from fiber putties to bonders for core gluing up until the coating with solid or special effect paint.
Structural adhesives, Polyester glues, Vinylesther glues, Putties, Polibonders, Primers, Millable compounds, Rubbing compounds, Hardeners


Complete range of chemical products for glueing, filling and marble care, granite and stones.
Flowing polyester glues, Thixotropic polyester glues, Epoxy glues, Paste pigments, Hardeners for glues, Protectors, waxes and polishing materials, Various articles

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